Now our company increases the competitiveness through the improvement and innovation of technology and the update of equipment.

      We imported the machine, equipment, detecting instrument and using the standard of technology to make the high-end product. We can make the cylinder which can be printed in the speed of over 300 meter/minute and 450 meter/minute. We also can make the anti-counterfeiting cylinder ( first grade unlock, second grade unlock…), transferring paper cylinder, cylinder for the printing of wooden paper, bottle caps, capsule, needle tube, cigarette packaging, and all kinds of screen cylinder, smooth cylinder, heating or cooling roller, sand pattern roller and so on.

    In the future, we will continuously improve the quality of our products to enhance the company's overall strength by product process improvement, technology innovation, cost control, segment structure of products, reducing the impact on the environment, and striving to improve their own competitiveness, enlarging the share of market. At the same time, we will fully develop overseas market, accelerate the pace towards the world.